G. L. H. Deacon Ministry

G. L. H. Senior Ministry

Mission: To be faithful to God as we serve G.L.H.B.C. the Pastor and the Community.

Dea. Warren

Dea. Hayes

Dea. E. Waymon

Dea. R. Waymon

Dea. C. Waymon

Dea. T. Nelson

Dea. Willis

Dea. Chambers

Dea. Gaitlin

Dea. Davis

Dea. Carter

Dea. M. Magwood


G.L.H. Seniors meet every Tuesday from 10:30-1:30. We like John the Baptist are a voice crying in the wilderness trying in our senior years, to let our light shine as God continues to make our paths straight. The Seniors reach out to those who are less fortunate in the downtown Atlanta area every six weeks, we feed them physically and spiritually. We also provide clothing as they are donated. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Senior Ministry, or contributing we welcome you.

G. L. H. Male Chorus

The Male chorus of G.L.H. is a group of men laboring in songs of praise to uplift the kingdom of God.

G. L. H. Usher Ministry #2

G. L. H. Kitchen Ministry


Our mission is to be a good servant of service in the house of God, our place of service.

Usher Ministry #2 serves on the second and fourth, and fifth Sundays of each month. We also serve for funerals, special church events, and outgoing programs. On second Sundays of each month we mentor and train the youth ushers. Ministry meetings are held the second week of the month.


Bro. Raymon Blackmon

Bro. Rufus Crowder

Sis. Rose Marie Davis-Leader

Sis. Phyllis Elliott

Sis. Cynthia Gamble-Recorder, Treasure

Sis. Mozelle Gore-Secretary

Bro. Stanley Parham

Sis. Johnnie Mae Scott

Sis Sally Stinson

Deacon Eddie Warren-Treasure


G. L. H. Mothers Ministry

The Mothers of G.L.H.  consist of senior women who strive to be a living example of Godly women who through life experiences try show the younger women the right way. The seniors exemplify Godly love as we correct, encourage, and chastise if needed. The word of God says in Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


G. L. H. Education Ministry

 The purpose of this ministry is to maintained organization and to keep our supplies stocked for any need that arises.  The kitchen ministry will assist the church by working with staff and events to provide refreshment or meals prepared and serve. The kitchen supervisor serves as a customer service ambassador by assuring that the food we serve always meets or exceeds our standards of excellence at all time, it is expected that this person would take responsibility for setting the expectation for all kitchen team members to work as a team to maximize our productivity.


Being able to help with any other ministry event, funeral and elect. Overseeing the storage, cleaning and check out procedures of dishes and tablecloths. Organizing the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry and regularly disposal of old food. Providing periodic deep cleaning of work area and appliances. Wash towels and aprons deep clean the tables and chairs.



Staff consist of

Supervisor Mrs. Earnestine Chambers.

Kitchen Staff Workers

Valerie Carter, Cathy Rosemond, Edmond Rosemond, Dorothy McKay, Gloria Arnold, Mr. Arnold, Valynda Evans, Kanisha Williams, Kenneth Williams, Edward Carmichael, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Love, Walton Rosemaond, and Deion Jones.


G. L. H. Added Members

The Added Members Orientation is an empowerment class designed to equip added members with basic information and adequate knowledge for the edifying of the body of Christ and the work of the church.  Upon completion of  orientation, added members will have sufficient or satisfactory understanding of what it means to be saved, what is expected of them as members of the church, and will have an arrant conscience of his/her giftedness in Christ. Graduation from Added Members Orientation conferred all rights to being a full-fledged member of Greater Liberty Hill Baptist Church.

Ministry Participants:  Valerie Carter, Valynda Evans, Quoina Gatlin, Cathy Rosemond and Rosa Waymon

Under the direction and in collaboration with Pastor David Benton, the Education Ministry creates and designs Curricula that advance the spiritual and academic growth of our members and those associated with Greater Liberty Hill Baptist Church.  This Ministry currently provides the following support to the Church.

1.  Semester Recognition for academic achievement of kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students.

2.  Annual Recognition of High School; Trade School and University/College graduates.

3.  Care Packets for University/College bound high school graduates.

4.  University/College selection and Scholarship Counseling.

5.  Educational Forums for adults.




G. L. H. Women Ministry

The GLHBC Women Ministry is designed to touch, empower, include, involve, and encircle every woman of GLHBC and reach out to women in our surrounding community.


Our purpose is to bring women of all ages together for fellowship, growth, and to reach out to our friends and family with the message of God's love as demonstrated through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.


Our Mission is to strengthen women by spending time in the word of God, prioritizing time for worship and prayer, and encouraging women to participate in a small group family of women.



G. L. H. Choir Ministry

G. L. H. Mass Choir

The Choir ministry is one that requires a love of God and a desire to inspire change and growth through the ministry of music.   As we reach new heights in our ministry, we must be active, reflective, and committed.  We must engage in and with the ministry DAILY through prayer, studying and meditation; We should also be listening to and singing music that feeds our spirit.  Our ministry promotes a Love of Christ, Love of Music, Love of Serving, Love of Fellowship, Love of Worship and Love of Praise! We are the Greater Liberty Hill Baptist Church Choir Ministry!


G. L. H. Leaders


G. L. H. Hospitality Ministry



G. L. H. Youth Choir


G. L. H. Nurse's Aid

Service Times

Sunday School



Morning Worship



Bible Study

Wednesday - Noon and 6:30pm


Contact Info

1340 Black Oak Dr. S. E.

Atlanta, Georgia 30316